We are prooud to state that our student Mr Tarique Rehman has started his PPL Training in AAA4Pilots Durban South Africa one among the worlds best controlled Air Space

​​Mr Tarique Rehman

Our Student Pavan Jayashankar Munnan has graduated from Northern Lights College Canda After completng Aircraft Maintanence Engineering program. He has enterted the On Job Training (Paid Internship) Phase to secure his license we wish him al the best

​​Pavan Jayashankar Munnan

Way back I had a passion for flying but was unaware of the application protocol and employment outcome. I Approached SUNSEA for the same and after due consultations left for the Philippines for my training, today after rigorous hard work and guidance from the Recruiting Chief of SUNSEA here I am as First Officer in Cebu Pacific Airlines. It has been a journey in my life which is unforgettable for its positive memorable moments. THANKS TO SUNSEA please keep up the good work and have more aspirants achieving their dreams.


The first experience with Sunsea, Bangalore office was a really beautiful experience with enough information needed. By the next meets and calls, I and my parents were really proud to have chosen Sunsea as our Counselors to pursue my dream. Every process was as fast as it could be including my Acceptance at International Pilot Academy (IPA) and fee payment etc.

Even then, we were kept informed of the proceedings. The office helped us to the maximum extent with the Visa, Tickets, and travel. I was tracked at every stop and though there were some hindrance and change of plans in the flight, Subbu sir did really help me through the situations and arranged for the perfect pick up any international student could ever ask. The follow up for an International student is perfect.

Though, the only concern was with the checklist for my travel that was given at the last day of travel. But, everything was taken care of which was a good experience.

And as per the stay, the accommodation provided is pretty decent and good.

Subbu sir following up regularly on the developments in Canada is very pleasing and confidence boosting. Also, thanks to Captain Jules and my trainer Mr.Max for the regular follow-up after reaching Canada to keep me posted on my further proceedings.

So, all together, my experience with Sunsea, Bangalore was Good.

Mr. Anand Narayanan

I am BIJENDRA KUMAR Defence officer. Presently working at central vigilance commission. Hope you would have recognized me Rahul was student of your institution. Then he rose to CFI of that institution your student Rahul (My Son) had his breakthrough in Cebu Pacific airlines as First officer. That is very highly paying company. Now Cebu Pacific bears his all expense of Type Rating and his monthly pay @ 4.5 lacks. I might have troubled you much as I was very sensitive towards children career which may please be treated as bygones.

Thanks to Sunsea. It is all god blessings to us in the disguise in the form of SUNSEA.


Mr. Bijendra Kumar

I came to Sunsea Aviation Services though internet browsing. I had absolutely no knowledge of the aviation field prior to coming in contact with them. The Counselor gave a detailed explanation of the course, made me confident and helped me realize my dream of pursuing Pilot Studies in Canada. I was explained the differences between different flight schools and guided me to choose the apt one.

The basic course on Flight Simulator and ground studies helped me gain confidence and knowledge. It was very supportive and helped me immensely. The Simulator Instructor was very friendly and helped me gain more knowledge and he supported me my correcting my mistakes and so on. He gave a good idea of how to pickup knowledge in flight school and how to live in a foreign country.

The guidance was excellent and very useful for my future.

C.Sundar Priyadarshan
Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu.

I would like to say something about Sunsea Aviation Services Pvt. Ltd., Chennai. I met the Counselor there and got good suggestions about aviation academies and helped me opt for the flying school in Canada to study Commercial Pilot Training. Their approach was very good.

I had the Simulator Training at Sunsea and I would like to say about it. The Simulator Training class of the Instructor was quite good and disciplined. The equipment and simulator are very good and the Instructor’s teaching skills and way of approach to students are very good.

Finally I would like to thank each and everyone at Sunsea for suggesting me the right flight school and making me achieve my aim of studying CPL course in Canada.

Santhosh Kumar
Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh.

Becoming a pilot has been my dream and it is going to be realized through Sunsea. I met the Sunsea- Bangalore Counselor at their office in Bangalore. He provided me the information regarding the process of applying to a flight school, choosing the academy, country etc. The process through was very easy and I got the admission letter and proceeded further.

I came to Sunsea- Chennai to undergo Simulator Training and English Proficiency course. Sunsea also helped me in choosing the right accommodation in Chennai.

The Instructor of Simulator Training has a good knowledge of the subject and taught us well. The way the instructor was explaining was easy to grasp and he gave examples for every topic. So it was easy to understand. I was able to improve my English proficiency in the English Class. We discussed English speaking skills and I got my many mistakes corrected and learned so many things which will be useful in my life.

I would like to thank all the staff members of Susnea as they helped me and I would like to give 5 Stars as my Rating of Sunsea’s Services.

Pavan M.J.
Ramanagaram, Karnataka.

Hi my name’s Jerome Martin, i reside in Chennai, i got to know about Sunsea Aviation through a colleague at work, since i was hell bent on doing my flying. Sunsea to me has been a very commited establishment in getting me to do my whole flying( Commercial Multi Rating). To start with they guided me through the whole process, as in what needed to be done and when it had to be done. Since i working till the last day they took care of alot of things for me right from the start, in getting my FAA medicals appointment, doing up my VISA formalities all the way, getting my I20, even by helping me do up most of the work even before getting to the United States, like having my TSA payment made, and coordinating the whole time on behalf of me with the flight school. And whenever we had to know anything about the DGCA formalities to be done, they were more than ready to get things clarified to the root of the issue. All the way to the completion of my course i for one felt it all to be very personalised. Thank you all at Sunsea. God Bless.

- Yours Truly
Jerome Martin.

I am very pleased to inform you that my son Mr Pradeep Malhan who had gone to SPRINGBANK AIR TRAINING COLLEGE through SUNSEA AVIATION has completed training sucessfully. I am very thankful to everyone at SUNSEA for the assistance and guidance provided to my son. Looking forward for further assistance for placement of Mr Pradeep Malhan.

- Thanks and Best regards
Raj Malhan.

The most important aspect which I looked for while choosing a flight school was location. I was looking for schools in the southern parts of the US (Texas, Louisiana, Florida). I then narrowed down to the flight schools that would provide guidance regarding the course details, VISA, and so forth. I preferred schools which had a local agent anywhere here in India. I found myself quite lucky as the local agent was right here in Chennai…I found the presence of a local agent to be a promising advantage.

- Ketan Suresh Dongre

I am Prabhu, 24 years old, from Chennai, at present a FAA Commercial Pilot on the verge of getting my Indian CPL. Solo flight is the first flight done by a student on his own. We fly with a flight instructor when the trainer decides to allow us on our own. We taxi to the runway and commence a take off role, on being airborne is when it dawns on us the whole responsibility to land the aircraft and bring it back on ground. From then on follow the right approach pattern, the whole time remembering the most responsible way. On landing, the circuit is done twice again and on completing the last one taxi back to the ramp. After completion of all post flight functions starts the unusual celebrations.

Instrument Rating is the next stage Commercial Pilots License where we get to learn more about aircraft instruments and fly the aircraft just by relying on instruments. In this stage, we learn more instrument approaches. Sometimes we get flying into actual instrument meteorological conditions. At this stage we have to study a lot and the training is quite tough! But, I completed, all because of the continual support and guidance given by SUNSEA.

- Prabhu Parthasarathy

The VISA is the only big hurdle to start your flying in the US - That's what most people think! In my opinion, they are mistaken. Just be confident, communicate well, and have all your documents prepared. SUNSEA made me all possible. So get ready! Get your VISA and fly into a great career!

- Deepak Rangan