COMMERCIAL PILOT PROGRAM in the UAE has the following syllabus and structure.


GCAA Private Pilot License (PPL)

  • 40 Hours Cessna 172 Aircraft
  • 45 Hours Ground Instruction

Hour Building Phase

  • 95 Hours Cessna 172 Aircraft

FAA Instrument Rating (IR)

  • 15 Hours DA 40 G1000 GLASS Aircraft
  • 10 Hours DA 42 G1000 GLASS Aircraft
  • 100 Hours Ground Instruction

The course consists of a minimum 190 hours of ground training and a minimum of 190 hours Single Engine Flight Trainig and 10 hours Multi Engine flight Training, 200 hours minimum at end of CPL course, to obtain UAE GCAA CPL, after successful completion of a flight check.

Written Test

You must pass three knowledge tests with a score of 75% or better (PPL, IR, and CPL). This test is administered at GCAA facility. The test consists of 75 multiple-choice questions.

Flight Test

You must successfully complete a three practical tests (PPL, IR, and CPL), which will be given as a final exam by a GCAA inspector or a designated examiner. The GCAA designated examiners are proficient, experienced flight instructors who are authorized by the GCAA to conduct flight tests. There is a fee for the flight


  • High school or equivalent as a minimum education
  • Good command of the English language
  • Minimum age 17 year to enrol for the course and 18 years to obtain a licence
  • Class I Medical certificate by a UAE GCAA physician
  • All student required by law to get security clearance prior to commencing flight training in the U.A.E . (Sunsea with its partner flying schoolwill apply for your security clearance when all your documents with course application fee received.)
  • Personal interview with the flying school enrolment committee

Our based academy located at Sharjah International Airport, is the Middle East’s leading pilot training provider and one of the largest and most-recognized providers of the Multi-Crew Pilot License in the world.

Managed by and in partnership with Air Arabia, our Academy is the education arm of the Middle East and North Africa’s first and largest Low-Cost Carrier (LCC). The Academy is committed to training the future generation of Airline Pilots with the highest standards of aviation training in the world.

We use training facilities in the region and flight training capability in Europe, Australia and Asia to facilitate the best for our cadets.

We are currently one of the region’s largest Multi-crew Pilot License (MPL) providers with over 200 MPL cadets under training and over 350 graduates currently flying with Air Arabia.

Our unique programme offers airline quality training starting from instilling an airline mindset at the onset of classroom lectures and incorporating airline practices early in the basic flight training to meeting global airline standards in the Airbus A320 training phase.

Our instructors focus on building the skills, knowledge and attitude of cadets during all phases of the programme as a strategy to fulfill future airline pilot requirements.

Our MPL programme provides a seamless route to becoming an airline pilot with a thriving career.

Our Academy equips each training facility with the most relevant and state-of-the-art technology, together with amenities, which are conducive to a fulfilling and positive learning experience.

Our management strives to bring the ‘comforts of home’ to the campus, ensuring that cadets feel safe, secure, inspired and motivated.

The United Arab Emirates has been forging ahead with a steady growth in the aviation industry.

Following in the great nation’s global record-breaking and innovative steps, UAE is one of the largest and most-recognized providers of the Multi-Crew Pilot License in the world. The Academy is managed by and in partnership with Air Arabia, the Middle East’s leading low-cost airline.

8 reasons you should join UAE:

  • We offer the first, cost-effective MPL programme in the region
  • You get to fly a total of 1,500 hours on Airbus A320 / A321neo with Air Arabia
  • Our programme is tailored to the requirements of future airline pilots offering more than the minimum total flying hours required to apply as a First Officer
  • Our programme is open to all nationalities and genders
  • Our programme incorporates mentoring from Air Arabia
  • 93% of our graduates get a job offer with Air Arabia based on position availability and the graduate’s performance and attitude
  • We use regional and international state-of-the-art facilities in partnership with academies in Europe, Australia and Asia
  • We provide Airbus A320 / A321neo Clean MPL programme

Course Breakdown

  • Ground School Theoretical knowledge classes of 14 ATPL subjects based on EASA standards
  • Core Flying70 hours on single engine aircraft
  • Basic Flying Transition from single pilot to Multi-Crew Cooperation
  • Intermediate Flying Application of multi-crew operations to a multi-engine turbine airplane conducted on Airbus A320 simulator
  • Advanced Flying Hours on Airbus A320 full flight simulator and type rating
  • Base Training Several take-offs and landings on Airbus A320 aircraft after which the cadet will obtain an MPL
  • Line Training Initial on-line experience of 1,500 flying hours on Airbus A320 and A321neo with Air Arabia in order to obtain an ATPL Commercial License
  • Explores state-of-the-art training facilities.
  • We ensure that the latest training equipment, technologies and learning resources are available for our cadet pilots and highly experienced and qualified instructors.