SUNSEA represents premier aviation flight schools and institutions like USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Philippines, UK, South Africa, Greece, UAE and Ireland for Training on Pilot, Helicopter training, Aircraft Maintenance courses.

SUNSEA offers expert counseling for selection of the right Schools with expert visa guidance to assists in DGCA license conversion formalities and placement thereafter.

SUNSEA also conducts basic simulator training in FAA approved Elite Simulator to have a smooth take off while in overseas flight schools.

Have you ever wondered why do you need ?

How we can help you in equipping yourself better for a promising career.

If you are wondering why these poignant questions are raised here, there is a very simple reason for it. No one had answered these questions before to the student community.

Students have fallen into a habit to solicit advice from other without understanding what more can they do for themselves? This is simply because no one has attempted to define their role in your student life and how we can mentor you to make better career decisions.

Who are we?

  • We are a team, who have ample knowledge on various education and career opportunities.
  • We provide solutions by identifying student's need. When will help them customize and design their Master career plan.
  • We are accredited to provide the right education solutions by the professional associations within the Education Industry.
  • Education specialist will engage in measures to maximize the education outcomes to ensure student success.

What can we do for students?

  • We lend a vision for students who are harboring hopes of studying abroad in faraway places by being the bridge between students and their education destination.
  • We can explain the cultural difference that an international student will get exposed to come to expect and prepare them better for the experience.
  • With countless knowledge about career opportunities and education pathways available for l students, We can help you make an informed decision and help address your expectations.
  • We can help students in other practical things like saving money (by helping students avail for scholarships and bursaries), cultural exposure (by organizing city tours),preparation to study abroad (by arranging pre-departure and post arrival orientation sessions) and give a slice of international student life (by organizing university study tours).

How can we help you during emergency situations?

Since we guide students at every step of the way, we function as student guardians when a student is entirely in a new country. We can help put away worries of parents whose child is studying abroad by being an Emergency Contact under unexpected situations like sickness, flight cancellation etc.

We can mainly help students by educating them about what is the right thing to do when it comes to academic emergencies such as

  • How to avail for extra help when you are lagging behind in terms of course progress?
  • What can do when your enrolment gets cancelled due to unforeseen reasons?
  • What sort of procedures an international student has to follow if there is an emergency situation that compels them to return back to their home country temporarily
  • we can guide students towards the right path when a certain deadline is past., in case of visa renewal date or a course intake date.
  • We can they help students specifically for visa related matters?

Visa matters can lead to complicated life situations if a student is not guided correctly. It is a crucial advisory role where the right team like us can ensure that your student life is trouble free with no black dot on your immigration history.

We can help you specifically to,

  • Understand and help meet criteria’s for the grant of a successful student visa
  • Help interpret the conditions put on your visa and how to follow them diligently

Understand and excel in curial interview based criteria such as genuine temporary entrant (GTE). A personal touch in preparing for academic interview with universities and with immigration authorities will help boost the confidence of an student student and goes a long way in securing the visa for the student.

Make students understand their obligations as a student visa holder and how to lead a spot free international student life.

Help them with extending their student visas onshore by giving them right advice.

Not to forget how they can function as your friend and your first contact onshore too. An education consultant can help you lend a caring hand to organize accommodation, overcome culture shock, help you socialize with networking opportunities and make you part of their social circle to overcome loneliness and inhibitions.

At Sunsea, we encourage students to choose the right professional advice in laying their building blocks for a strong career abroad. Extending this thought further, we welcome all students to connect with us to grow further.