What is OJT or Industrial Training?

On Job Training or Industrial Training is to be given to AME students for a period of six months mostly in the last semester i.e VI. This training has to be obtained from the organization which is approved for maintenance work by the respective aviation authority of the country. The training has to be given as per the norms fixed by the authority. Students are sent to different organizations for a period of 6 months, the organizations may be airline companies or MROs.

The licensing method

To become a Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (LAME) you are required to meet the examination and experience requirements of Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance Personnel Licensing.

Licence for AME holders is issued after completion of 48 months of work in the aviation maintenance sector and after successfully completing the written examinations prescribed by the respective aviation authorities of the country.

It is termed as M Licence in Canada, EASA Licence in the Europe etc. as per the norms specified by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)