There are technical schools in the US which offer Aircraft Maintenance courses. Apart from these there are regular colleges which provide five year degree courses in Aerospace Engineering to turn out engineers.

Although a high school diploma or equivalent is the common requirement, prospective maintenance engineers can take preparatory classes at technical schools, community colleges or similar institutions. These courses are available in areas that include mechanical drawing, blueprint reading and mathematics. Maintenance engineers also need to have essential computer skills.

Maintenance engineers generally have a high school diploma and receive on-the-job training. Licensure is sometimes necessary, depending on the position. The following table contains essential requirements needed to become a maintenance engineer:

Common Requirements

Degree Level

High school diploma; postsecondary training may be beneficial*


More complex tasks may require licensure; voluntary certification is available from a variety of organizations*


Entry-level; no experience required*

Key Skills

Troubleshooting and customer-service skills as well as dexterity*

Computer Skills

Ability to use facilities management and industrial control software**

Technical Skills

Ability to operate equipment such as copper cutting machines, pullers and power saws**