Advantage of pursuing AME overseas

The specific advantage of pursuing AME abroad is that the students are given practical training in aircraft which are airworthy and are of the latest standards.

Optimum emphasis is given to practical aspects of the course along with the theoretical aspects. The students get firsthand experience in learning the techniques of maintenance and overhaul during their study period inactive hangers with the latest and advanced aircraft which are live and airworthy. This is the most important advantage a student gets while pursuing AME abroad.

AMEs may progress to supervisory positions or aircraft inspector, as well as obtaining further endorsements to their AME license that allows them to inspect and certify a broader range of aircraft or aircraft systems.  AME licenses are issued in the following categories:

M - Aircraft
E - Avionics Systems (electronic systems)
S- Structures
B - Balloons

Pursuing AME in Canada especially has the following features and advantages:

  • 15 month Diploma program
  • Transport Canada approved for AME “M” licence basic training
  • 50/50 theory and practical instruction
  • 9 complete training aircraft from single engine to large jet
  • 19 month experience credit towards AME “M” licence